10 things you can’t buy your children at Christmas

This time of year we are all rushing round looking for special gifts for our families and friends, but when we think back over past Christmases it’s not the gifts we remember. If i think back to when I was a little girl its the memories, the smiles, the laughs and the time we spend with our love ones we cherish the most.

So I’ve made a of list of gifts we can give our children at christmas that don’t cost a single penny.


  1.  Time  The gift of time is the one gift you can never get back or take back. Enjoy the here and now and spend time with the ones we love.
  2. Hugs and kisses  – you are never too old to give or receive a hug are kiss. We teach our children that it is OK to show your emotions and give or receive a hug or kiss from a loved one.
  3. Hope –Hope is knowing and believing that things will always  get better and improve no matter how hard life can seem. Having hope helps us to have strength, endurance when life is tough. In the most difficult times of our life it helps us know we can move forward.
  4. Enjoying meals together – my best memories of Christmas are from us all sat around the table eating our Christmas dinner. Eating, laughing and enjoying each others company. Eating together is not only important at Christmas, it is an opportunity to talk and discuss your day and it brings you all together for that small time in the day.
  5.  Opportunity – it’s important to give children opportunities to experience new and different things. They can learn from what they enjoy in life and what they are good at. This doesn’t have to cost lots of money it can be getting outdoors, playing a new sport or visiting a museum they are all experience’s no matter how much they cost.
  6. Undivided attention – busy lives can mean we are always trying to do 100 things at once but just sometimes it’s good to switch off and disconnect. What better time than at Christmas to give your children your undivided attention. Play, listen and simply switch off to everything else.
  7. It’s OK to be different – Teach your children that uniqueness is what makes each and everyone of us special and should not be hidden. It should be something you are proud of and displayed for all to see, appreciate and enjoy.
  8. Curiosity –Teach your children to ask questions about who, what, where, how, why, and what for ?  “Stop asking so many questions” I know this is very tempting sometimes but these are words that should never really leave a parents mouth.
  9. Generosity –Teach your children to be generous, that giving is as important as receiving and it’s important to show your generosity not just with materialistic items but with your time for others too.
  10.  Love – the most important gift of all. The greatest gift to give, receive or feel, love !

These are not gifts you can buy from the shops but they are gifts you and your children will cherish forever.

Have a great Christmas

Until next time

Caroline X







  1. December 17, 2016 / 10:34 pm

    What a beautiful post Caroline and one that makes me appreciate all my family and the time we do get to spend together!

    • December 20, 2016 / 9:55 pm

      Thankyou Mini rose & me it is the time spent with family and loved ones that makes Christmas extra special x I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family

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