Harvest gratitude



With October being the month to celebrate Harvest, the process of gathering crop and what you reap you sow. Harvest, is celebrated in schools where gifts of food are brought into school to give to the poor. It teaches the children about people less fortunate to themselves and the importance of kindness and giving help to someone in need.


It also make’s you realise how lucky you are and make’s  you realise how thankfull you should be for all you have. We often take things for granted,  So this harvest I am thinking about the small things savouring the moment and being grateful for the little things.


So here are 10 things I am grateful for

  1. I am alive and breathing
  2. For my wonderful supportive husband.
  3. My family who love me unconditionally
  4. The yummy food on the table every day.
  5. My beautiful children who bring joy and happiness to my day
  6. Lazy mornings and chilled out days
  7. My wonderful friends who I trust and love.
  8. The past memories of a wonderful childhood.
  9. My home which keeps my family safe
  10. For good health


It’s not just the big things either it’s also the little things a cuddle from my kids, a yummy hot chocolate, a smile from a stranger.

Savour the little things as much as the big.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and it’s made you think of all the things you can be thankful for.

Until next time

Caroline X




    • November 6, 2016 / 5:21 pm

      Aww thank you Tracey xxx

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