5 Questions to speed up decluttering in the home

I’m sharing 5 easy ways to speed up decluttering your home and help create a more minimalistic life.

I’m really keen on keeping up with my only real New Years resolution for 2017. This was to completely declutter my home. I don’t mean a quick tidy, I’m taking going from room to room clearing out, throwing away and generally creating a more minimalist style. I’m  basically clearing out all the junk we seem to have collected over the 9 years we have lived in this house. We are a busy family and we struggle to juggle work and home life. Once the clearing out is done it should really help with cleaning and organising the household and create more time to spend as a family. If we have less things to clean and clear I’m hoping it creates less time cleaning and sorting.

Here are 5 questions I’m asking myself to help speed up decluttering and deciding whether to keep or throw clothes, pots, household items.

These 5 questions should really help with making the decision on keeping or throwing away something.

  1. Is this something I use on a regular basis?
  2. Am I keeping it just incase ?
  3. Is the item broken and am I thinking I will fix it one day?
  4. Have I got similar items that do the same job, multiple’s of the same item?
  5. Am I keeping the items because I feel obliged to?

This can really help you decide if you are not very good with throwing things away or giving away items. They have really helped me decide between what I need and what I want to keep when trying to Speed up decluttering my home. Its made me realise what’s really important to me and what definitely needs to go.

Heres to a more minimalistic and a much less cluttered home.

Minimalism isn’t about having less it’s about creating more room for more of what matters which to me is spending time with my family.

Until next time

Caroline X






  1. February 24, 2017 / 2:04 pm

    Number 5 is me! I am keeping so many things because I feel obliged to! I should just get rid of them really.

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