Are you spending too much time Procrastinating?

I’ve got to hold my hands up to this one and say I’m the world’s worst at procrastinating. If your not even sure what it is, it is basically putting things off. You might not have even realised you do it, it’s an easy way we can all fall into from time to time but may not realise we are doing it.

We put things off in our life by avoiding tackling tasks, We play delay tactics with our own mind and we create reasons why we cannot to do certain things.

Whether it’s simply we don’t have time, the right equipment or the physical space to do something. We then wait for something to change without doing anything about it which then results in nothing much getting good done.

Are you always questioning if you are doing things right? Are you asking yourself am I making the right decision ?? This then stops you from moving forward and you end up just going around in circles.

Are you constantly chasing all the things you should have done before in order to put off all things that need doing now ?? Yes I’m exactly the same.

So here are a few ways we all could practice to help stopping procrastinating and finally start doing more by stopping putting things off.

  1. Make a to do list including not only the things we like doing but also some of the things that we’ve been putting off for whatever reason. Don’t just write all the things you enjoy doing.
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself as there are always more things to do no matter how much you do. Just concentrate on making sure the right things are getting done.
  3. Break our tasks down into much smaller and more manageable chunks. If you don’t feel so overwhelmed you are much more like to see the tasks as more manageable.
  4. Is something is stopping you from completing the task ? Social media, TV etc try switching off from all social media until the task is done.
  5. Set yourself a reward. If you know you have something to look forward too you will be much more likely to complete the task.
  6. Ask for help. Sometimes you just take too much on and need to ask for a bit of help and support. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and spreading the work load is a great way to motivate you to get things done.
  7. Tell a friend or family member what you would like to achieve. Making a task public knowledge puts the pressure a little and makes you more inclined to get the job done.
  8. Work in a productive environment. Choose an area to work where you know you will have much less distraction’s and feel more determined to get things done.
  9. Self talk postivity – Recognise how you ┬átalk to yourself when you start procrastinating. Instead practice positivity and stop negative thinking before it starts this will help us to focus on achieving our goals much more.
  10. Learn to forgive yourself -yes we all have slip ups but don’t beat ourself up about it. Reconise what happened and move forward, Don’t dwell on what went wrong forgiving ourself and move forward will really help with furture results and tasks.

I hope you have found this helpful and you can all focus a little easier getting tasks done without Procrastinating so much, Its something that gets embedded in our brain and becomes the norm.

Until next time

Caroline X



  1. February 10, 2017 / 5:00 pm

    YES! I use social media as a way of delaying stuff I don’t want to do, when really I should just get on and do it! #TheList

    • February 10, 2017 / 5:23 pm

      Me too Emma I’m really try to stop doing it x

  2. February 10, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    This is a very good post. I Procrastinate on things im scared of ..or worried about. I try to think whats the real issue and it helps me overcome and get going on tasks.

    • February 10, 2017 / 9:40 pm

      Yes I know what you mean Angela. I get side tracked very easily and then I am rushing trying to get things done at the last minute. Its something I really need to give up. xx

  3. February 13, 2017 / 10:43 pm

    Oh yes. I hate to think of the time I’ve wasted on Social Media instead of doing things I should be doing.

    • February 13, 2017 / 10:46 pm

      I do it all the time ….then wonder why I’m rushing to get things done last minute.

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