A Could-Do List …May 2017

Do you have an endless lists of things that you need to get done in the forcoming month ?? Yes me too. I thought I’d share with you a new type of list I’m trying out this month. A could-do list, a list of things to enjoy and do in the next month or maybe not, you choose. It’s not a to-do list it’s a could-do list…there is no pressure to tick everything off, if something comes up or you don’t have time don’t worry it’s all about doing something you enjoy trying out new things or enjoying something you’ve wanted to do for a while with no pressure, no deadlines just enjoy it. It’s doesn’t have to be big it could be something as simple as enjoying five minutes pieces and quiet with a cup of tea before the rest of the house is awake. You choose, you decide what you want to put on the list.

My inspiration for this could-do list has been taken from the simple things magazine this is my favourite magazine at the moment, they have a could-do list in every issue of their magazine it’s a great inspirational list of positivity and new experiences to try and do over the month. We all put so much pressure on ourselves, with endless lists of things we much get done. I’m creating and sharing my very first could-do list for the month of May so we will see how the month goes.

My May could-do list

Start our own vegetable patch, my Dad is building the kids their own raised planter at the moment for us to grow some things in.

Enjoy a picnic

Switch off from the Internet and social media for a day.

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Practice some yoga

Walk bear foot on the beach

Relax in the evenings and get a good night’s sleep

Take something positive out of everyday

Is there anything you feel you could-do this month ? I’d love to hear what would be on your list.

Until next time

Caroline X


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    • May 2, 2017 / 8:03 pm

      Glad you like the idea. Let me know what you decide on xxx

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