Gin festival Sheffield

So Saturday night I went to the Sheffield Gin festival held at the city hall. What a beautiful building it is.  To say I was excited was a little understatement Gin has to be my tipple of choice. A nice G&T after a busy week is definitely something I enjoy.

I’m definitely no means a Gin connoisseur and I would normally just have whatever they give you at the bar which is normally Gorgon’s or if your pushing the boat out Bombay Sapphire, The big brands everyone’s heard of. My only dabble into  more adventurous Gins (not really I know) was on a visit to Edinburgh last year where I got quite partial to Hendricks G&T which is served with slice of cucumber and not the normal ice and a slice (of lemon) of course. The cucumber was a definite game changer and it really took away the harshness of the Tonic.

I visited the Gin festival with my neighbour/ friend and we met some other lovely ladies there who I speak to on social media but had not met before in person, It was great to meet face to face and finally see them in the flesh.


On arrival at the festival we were shown to a very chirpy chap who gave us our very own Gin festival glass and little book telling us all about the different Gins they had on offer that evening. A little talk and a bit of advise about what to expect from the night. One was to always try the Gins neat !! “what” I hear you say! But yes apparently try all the Gin neat before adding a little tonic a small amount at a time before deciding what was the right strength for you’re individual taste. I’ve got to say he was right.


You had to buy a prepaid card at £5 per Gin with garnish and complementry Fever Tree Tonic which was available for you to add yourself.

The hall was split into four sections

A , B – English Gins

C – International Gins

D – Gin cocktails

We tried a variety of the Gins on offer but remembering the name of them all is proving more difficult than envisaged when writing this after the event. What can I say we enjoyed ourselves.


There was also live music, a photo booth and a small food court of olives and antipasti type food available which we didn’t have but saw and it did look amazing. In hindsight we should have sampled what was on offer as the olives and prosciutto would have gone down a treat when I got home and was starving and raiding the cupboards for food. (the crisp sandwich was just not the same)


We got chatting to the ladies on the Pinkster stand which was my favourite of the night this quirky Gin is one for ladies, especially when they told us about the boozie berries which are basically raspberries soaked in their Gin, these can be added to prosecco has a garnish, dipped into melted chocolate or even topped with  crumble and served with custard. Theses ladies had me sold and went and grabbed one of the boozie berries jars to take home.




We managed to jump in to a couple of masterclasses and was educated on the history behind the Gins on offer.
The first the Poetic Licence – Northern Dry and Old Tom Gin made in a small batch distillery in the North east who apparently proud to craft wild spirits, The Poetic Old Tom Gin was my favourite out of the two it was slightly different in the fact it was garnished with Apple and served with Fever Tree Ginger Ale rather than the normal Tonic.


Our second masterclass was the last of the evening it was of the Brockmans Gin Like no other the man told us, it certainly was as we were given neat samples to try it definitely warmed your chest on the way down.
Brockmans is described a unique infusion of exquisite botanicals creates a seductively smooth and well-balanced Gin, soft and warming (it certainly did) notes with the use of blackberries and blueberries are coupled with sharp juniper and fresh citrus. It was a very different type Of Gin to the others we had tried in the evening and was a really like no other.

I really enjoyed  the Gin festival it was a great evening with some lovely ladies, I would definitely now be more adventurous with Gins. The little Gin book we were given is at the ready to maybe grab a few of the different Gins, team it with the suggested garnishes and tonic (or not) and viola you’ve got your own little Gin party started.

Hope you enjoyed reading

until next time

Caroline x







  1. September 13, 2016 / 9:42 am

    Hey up Mrs, was great to meet you at last; it was a fun night, apart from poor Jo almost fainting! Gin obv didnt suit her.
    As I told you on the night your smaller than I envisaged . You also have the most amazing skin ( which. I never mentioned cause you’d think I was weird / gushy !) Great write up. When’s the next one ? Tracey (NFD) xx

    • September 13, 2016 / 9:47 am

      Thankyou very much Tracey that is a lovely thing to say. Ha ha I loved the fact you thought I was tall ha ha.
      Hope Jo is feeling much better now.
      I’m not sure when the next one is but will keep my eye out. See you soon
      Caroline xxx

  2. September 15, 2016 / 6:23 pm

    So gutted I missed out on tickets to this, it sounds like my ideal night and this has made me even more jealous!! Sounds like you had a great time, hopefully I can be more on the ball next time…

    • September 15, 2016 / 6:26 pm

      It’s really was a great night , and very popular I know xx hopefully you’ll manage to get tickets next time x

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