Is Sleep important to you ? {Review S+By ResMed}

Is getting a good nights sleep important to you ?

Research shows that it should be! Its not just about the amount of sleep we are getting but about the quality of sleep. If you struggle to sleep your not alone. Many people suffer with sleep problems such as insomnia or struggle with some sort sleep issue whether it is getting to sleep, waking early or just not sleeping at all.

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is not just important for helping the body repair and heal its self but also improves our mood and our stress levels, sharpens our attention span and help’s improve our general health and well being.

But what can we do to help us sleep better ?

Here are a few tips on ways to help improve your sleep at night which will also hopefully improve your day life too.

  1. Get as much light as possible in the day time, get outdoors go for a walk in your lunch break or even simply pushing open the curtains and letting the natural light in can really help you sleep at night.
  2. Switch off, over exposing yourself with light in the evening from unnatural light or “blue” light from technology, the TV, phones can have the opposite effect and really stop you from sleeping. I’m the world’s worse for checking my phone before bed. Try turning off your phone an hour or so before bed and unwind without the temptation of technology.
  3. Relax and unwind by having a nice warm bath, light some candles and read a book are great ways to unwind and get your body ready for sleep.

As a baby I was a terrible sleeper, my mum has told me many stories of her never ending battle with trying to get me to sleep. I just didn’t seem to want to or need to sleep and didn’t actually sleep through the night until I was three. This was a one off on a caravan holiday to Saltfleet. It was the sea air apparently that knocked me out.

As I’ve grown up I’ve had the opposite relationship with sleep and I  love my sleep and can’t get enough of it. I’ve never been one for staying in bed in the morning but more of a go to bed early, early riser type of person.

Since having the kids we have always had a very good routine with them and they have always gone to bed at night and had a good bedtime routine, but always been pretty early risers too. We have been very lucky that they have always been good sleepers. I think a good nights sleep in children is really important for concentration and learning.

Just recently I have got into a bad habit of staying up quite late, using the evenings for blogging and social media my brain seems to come alive at night. Of course I’m still having to get up in the mornings with the kids for school. This is resulting in me being pretty tired a lot of the time in the day which in turn effects my mood and general daytime routine.

I need to break this cycle of going to bed really late and get back into a much more normal bedtime routine and sleep pattern. I was delighted when S + by ResMed offered to send me one of the sleep tracking systems.

The S+ by ResMed is the world’s first non-contact sleep tracking system that helps you analyse and improve your sleep from the very first night.

S+ by ResMed records the light, noise and temperature conditions in your room, and has features to help you sleep more easily. It syncs with your smartphone to provide tailored feedback and suggestions on how to improve your sleep routine and sleep conditions in your bedroom.


I have been really pleased with the sleep tracker so far and impressed with how much detail it goes into regarding my sleep surroundings breathing etc. It is something I am going to continue to use and also follow the advise of the tracker. I love the clear my mind function where I can jot down thoughts I have instead of thinking about them all night long. They are then logged ready for me to read the next morning.  If you’re like me and find it hard to switch off use the relax to sleep function to listen to some relaxing music to help you get to sleep better. I also need to improve my night time routine which hopefully will help improve my sleep quality. I am not a bad sleeper by any means but these tweaks will hopefully improve my over sleep pattern and quality of sleep.

If you suffer from sleep problems this could be the answer to a good nights sleep. The S+ By ResMed is available to buy via  Amazon

Until next time

Caroline X


The S+ By ResMed was gifted to me in exchange for a honest review of their product


  1. March 8, 2017 / 11:21 am

    This gadget looks brilliant and like something I could really do with. We live in a light deprived house and I am sure that is why I struggle with sleep etc. Some great tips, like getting out for a walk. I think they all can make a massive difference.

  2. March 13, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Hi Caroline, I thinkg that the quality of sleep is much more important than the amount of sleep we get. I also think that the quality of mattress you sleep on is important, don’t you? I like the idea of this sleep tracking system, I’ll consider buying one for myself. Angel
    Angel recently posted…Best Sleep MasksMy Profile

    • March 13, 2017 / 9:47 pm

      Yes it’s definitely about the quality of the sleep. The tracker is really good and shows you how much deep sleep and light slight you are getting. Not something I would thought about buying myself but I’m loving it now I’ve got it

  3. May 21, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    I need so much sleep because of my heart problem – I’m always tired! Like you, I do too much with technology on an evening after the kids have gone to bed. I really must switch off sooner. A sleep tracker sounds like a really interesting tool.
    Cal at Family Makes recently posted…Why Children Need To Play, At School And At HomeMy Profile

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