Its all about the hygge

Hygge written by Meik Wiking

Hygge written by Meik Wiking

For someone who loves Autumn this book is a must read.

Hygge is a new find for me and I love it.

If your wondering what I’m wofferling on about, Hygge is the Danish concept of cosiness. They have after all been voted  the happiest country, so this book explains how the Danish live their lives and describes how they received the label of being the happiest country on earth. For me Hygge is all the things I love, yummy food, fluffy socks, Snuggly blankets but also the feeling of warmth and comfort from friends and family.

After beginning this book I’ve come to realise that Hygge is not just for Autum / Winter it can be felt all year round.

My favourite page in the book has to be its manifesto of Hygge.


It’s basically tells you 10 ways of how to recreate Hygge in everyday life.


Creating a cosy atmosphere through the use of light. It’s not just by the use of candles but can be with the use of low level lighting lamps to create the right ambience. But seriously who doesn’t love a candle? I certainly do and light them almost all year round and with the change in season even more so I just love the smell of cinnamon and berries filling the house. My favourite at the moment is my Woodwick Currant, Ambrosia and Sugared berries Trilogy candle.



Live in the here and now, turn off your phone and enjoy the moment. I’m guilty of this one and I always have my phone superglued to my hand. I’m sure we can all relate to this, with the digital world ever expanding it is nice to switch off from the outside world for a while.


Enjoy the good things in life. Good food, drink like hot chocolate, yummy cakes and mulled wine, hot apple cider, Tasty  stews, curry’s and chillies are my go too dinners for Autumn. But simply eating together as a family discussing your day is something we should all try and share.


Hot chocolate


More ‘WE’ less ‘ME’ share the ever ending tasks of life. Life is busy and with the everyday struggles it’s ok to say we can’t do it all our own. It’s ok to delegate tasks to others, Ask a friend for help or even offer your help to them.


Embrace life and take it in. This might be as good as it gets, Stop waiting for a better day, a new house, that dream job. Stop wishing your life away and have gratitude for the life you have.


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Life is not a competition, don’t compare your life to others. People are in your life because they love you for who you are. You are you and have nothing to prove.


Snuggly blankets and cushions, comfy clothes, wollen socks, take a break and just relax.



Avoid the drama live the simply life. Say goodbye to people who seem to thrive of negative behaviour.


Build relationships and memories with the ones we love. Our true friends and family are what’s most important, spend  time with the people you love.


The home is our sanctuary where we feel safe and at peace, Where we can keep our family and friends close and feel the security it brings. The old saying theres no place like home is definitely true. Surrounding yourself with your own  belongings which bring a sense of being. This is definitely where I love to be.

I’ve loved this book it really gives you a warm gooey feeling inside perfect for beating the winter blues. But Hygge isn’t just the Autumn it’s for life.

The Hygge lifestyle is definitely something I could adear to.

Watch this space ….

Until next time

Caroline x


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  1. December 9, 2016 / 8:42 pm

    This definately sounds like something i could live by! Xx

    • December 10, 2016 / 11:41 am

      I know it really is my kind of thing Louise x thank you for commenting

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