AniMalcolm – A ‘Howling’ Great Read ~ By David Baddiel (REVIEW)

This ‘howling’ laugh out loud book had my son sold from the off, the new David Baddiel top seller AniMalcolm is a fantastic read for any 8 – 13 year olds.  It seems like Malcolm is like many kids his age who always feel they get what they don’t want, With a house full of stuff he doesn’t like Malcolm hopes for a new laptop for his upcoming birthday, but when his birthday comes around it couldn’t be further from what he hoped. In fact he gets the one thing he simple doesn’t like – a Chinchilla! Unlike Malcolm’s family he hates animals.

With his year 6 school trip to look forward to, Malcolm tries to see the positive, but is positivity soon diminishes when he finds out the trip is to a farm. Malcolm’s life is going from bad to worse as the day of the trip arrives he is forced to learn more than he wishes about animals including a very funny encounter with a goat. My son was literally laughing out loud as he read through the pages, don’t be put off by the thickness of this book it really is a page turner and my son got through it in such a short time.

Over the next few days Malcolm continues to learn  more than he thought possible about animals as he is forced to eat, drink, think and even smell like an animal, but will he return to the person he was before….

Check out the book in more detail with this short trailer

My Son loved this book so much and spent the entire book laughing at what Malcolm got up too. He thought it was funny that Malcolm wished for a laptop but had to face all the animals at the farm instead. He has already asked about other books by David Baddiel.

From a parents point of view this book is well suited to the target audience 8 – 13 but I feel could also be enjoyed and shared with younger readers with a little parental guidence. The author tactfully touches on how a traumatic experiences in life can have a negative impact on how we see things growing up, it very cleverly teaches the importance of empathy and understanding, I really feel this book passes on a great message to these young readers and I  will be looking out for more books by David Baddiel to share with my children in the future.

If you like a light hearted, funny, laugh out loud books this is defiantly one for you and your family.

AniMalcolm is now for sale through Harper Collins and all good book stores including kindle.

I really hope you enjoy this book as much as we did.

until next time

Caroline X

This is a sponsored post, this is a  true and honest review of this book, all comments and opinions of the book are my own.

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