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Just before Christmas I was sent The Elephant In The Mirror written by Annette Earl to review. Annette is a qualified life coach with a lifelong interest in women’s well – being and self-image. An ex chartered librarian, she believes that good decisions can only be made by asking the right questions for the right person at the right time. She combines her passion by working with women to discover what questions will enable  them to live the life they want. And not the one they think they should be living…..

The book is a self-help book and not the sort of book I have read before but I was interested to see what it was about. The book is about seeing ourselves not just from the outside but from in inside too. We very much judge ourselves on what we look like and what we see in the mirror as a way of defining who we are as a person.

Ever looked in the mirror and felt like you just weren’t good enough? Me too.

We all have a part of ourselves we’re not completely happy with – we each have our very own ‘elephant’ in the mirror. It can show up in any area of our lives, sometimes when we least expect it. And it leads to feelings of insecurity, low confidence and uncertainty.

That’s why I wrote The Elephant In The Mirror – to understand what makes us feel this way and what we can do to change it. I’m learning to make friends with all my elephants. I’d love to help you start making friends with yours.

The book is split into different categories which cover different aspects of our lives. We often find that we simply take for granted, complain or dislike certain things but Annette teaches you that we simply need to use our energy to change the things we don’t like or accept them and move on. Acknowledging, appreciating and accepting are the exercises Annette uses for you can come to this conclusion.

She talks about how when we face a difficult situation in our lives or feel we have difficult decisions to make we often base our decisions on the influence of others. We pay a lot of attention to other people’s judgement and opinion on how we live our lives and this has a big influence on the way we live our own lives.

In The Elephant In The Mirror, you’ll take charge of your life by:

  • Discovering that perfection does not exist and what you can choose instead
  • Improving your relationships, dealing with energy drainers and adding in more feel-good friends
  • Understanding how to create confidence and make decisions that work for you (not just to please other people)
  • Recognising the values that are important to you and vital for living a life of authenticity and fulfilment
  • Designing your future and then making it happen!

I really enjoyed reading this book and I definitely identified parts of it in my own life and totally agree about the decisions we make are very much influenced by how we feel we will be judged by others. I know I sometimes worry what other people think about me and the way I live my life. It’s our life and we need to live it the way we want. Not be a person we think we should be or act in a way we think we should act.  I am going look more closely at the exercises in the book and practice them a little more. I think it gives us some great advise on how we see our own lives on the inside and out and I’m sure we all have our own elephant in the mirror we just need to make friends with him.

So if you think this book  is something that would help you in your life and you would  like to read it you can buy it from Amazon currently priced 10.99

Until next time

Caroline X


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