Our Home at Christmas


We never usually put the Christmas tree up before the first of December, but somehow the kids and hubby convinced me it was a good idea. To be fair we have something on most weekends up to Christmas and would have struggled to get it up if we hadn’t done it this weekend.

I don’t know about anyone else but I like to do a big clean up and clear out before we put the tree up. My mum always did this when I was growing up and I think it’s just passed down from her. Saturday was spent ¬†decluttering dusting mopping and tidying. The hubby then went into the loft to grab everything down.

We have a 7 ft artificial tree that we got from tesco in the sale about 10 years ago when we moved into this house, it’s a very big and beautiful tree but takes quite a bit of reshuffling of furniture to fit it in. My husband is a big kids at heart and was as excited as the kids to get it up. I could hear him and the kids playing Christmas music upstairs while they “helped” him get everything out of the loft.

Once the tree is up its time to start decorating it with the baubles and lights. The kids enjoyed putting their baubles on they have collected over the years. I really had to refrain myself from really adjusting everything as they placed them all in one area of the tree. Safe to say I put everything in the correct place once they were in bed.






I hope you enjoyed ready

Until next time

Caroline X




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