My Summer lust list

So it’s time the weather was warming  up ……well we can hope !!!

With the lighter nights slowly making an appearance it’s time to start thinking about ways to make the most of the Spring / Summer. There is just something about the Spring /Summer months that make me smile, I don’t know whether it’s the the lighter nights or just little bit of warmth but it really makes my day once we step into Spring.

So I’ve made a little or maybe will end up being a big lust list of things we would  like to do over the next few months. We are still really trying to get outdoors more as a family and enjoy being outside more. It really does help you feel so much better, so doing more outdoor things is a must. We need to try and commit to getting some fresh air every day in some shape or form, whether its a long walk with the dog or simply getting all the windows open to blow off the cob webs.

1. It’s now only a couple of weeks before we head over to mexico on our Jolies. I really would love to  write a travel journal. I plan to capture and share just how much we love Mexico ….it’s our 5th time . It’s also a lovely way of looking back at all the wonderful things we’ve done while collecting memories along the way.

2. Alfresco dining or in Yorkshire terms a bbq/ picnic or any other way to eat outside.

3. Visit different beaches ….there is something about being at the seaside that really has a calming effect on us all, it’s must be the salty air. It doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic to enjoy the beach.

4. Family bike rides, the kids are getting quite good now on their bikes so I think it’s time to venture out has a family.

5.Fishing ….My big lad got his first fishing rod last September and we’ve only managed one fishing trip, so far he’s yet to make his first catch.  … not just for boys …..right ???

6. Watch the sunset there is something very beautiful about red summer evening skies

7. Eat the rainbow, continue to stay healthy and eat more fruit and vegetables

8. Get crafting … kids are just in their element with some sticky glue and paint.

9. Berry picking ….fresh strawberries and ice cream mmmm

10. Spend quality time with my husband, although this lust list is for us all as a family it is still nice to reconnect as a couple and enjoy time just the two of us.

So theres my first 10 summer lust list. I’m sure there will be many more ideas and some great adventures for us all to share as a family but I’ll leave it there for now.

I would love to hear how the rest of you plan to spend your summers.

So here’s  to warm night sunny days and lots of Adventure …..

Until next time

Caroline x






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  1. June 16, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    Your list is very similar to how mine would look! I’m now thinking I must add fishing to the holiday list of kid activities. We have fruit picking on the agenda! Nicky

    • June 16, 2016 / 7:18 pm

      We struggling with the fruit picking at the moment Nicky a little too wet. But hopefully later in the summer we will manage to find somewhere.
      Thank you for your kind comments x give me a follow if you enjoyed reading 💚💛💙💜

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