Top 10 Winter Holiday Essentials {Mark Warner Brand Ambassador Programme}

When I saw that Mark Warner were on the look out for brand new families to join their  Mark Warner Ambassador programme I was very excited to join in. I see other bloggers reviews and the fantastic opportunities they have been given with Mark Warner and although I’m quite a new blogger compared to some I wanted to give it a go and would love to be a part their team.

We have always traveled with our children since the were a few months old. It’s one of things I think is very important for our children as they learn and grow. Seeing different countries cultures and beliefs is all part of growing up. Enjoying different experiences they would never have at home or school. Trying new foods, making new friends it’s all part of what you experience on holiday. Holidays for us are what we work so hard for all year. It’s a time to relax and enjoy time together. Capturing memories and enjoying new experience is all very important and is what makes a holiday special. We are a very busy family but once we are on holiday everything else is left behind and we simply enjoy spending quality time together.

Mark Warner has such a fantastic reputation and with a variety of holiday destinations and activities on offer, It’s the chance of a lifetime.

We have never skied before but it’s something we would love to do as a family. Its a new type of holiday experience we would love to take part in.  It’s a very different type of holiday to what we normally go for but something have always dreamed of, hitting the slopes and going skiing.

As we have never skied before I thought I would share our winter holiday essentials for a ski holiday. The kids made their own list too.

Here are our top 10 Ski holiday essentials

  1. MY CAMERA and Gopro this is a must for any family especially when your a blogger too. My new Olympus pen  literally comes everywhere with us. Capturing moments in time to look back on is why I started my blog in the first place and on holiday is no different its even more important. Also a Go pro I can imagine is a must for ski trips getting great video footage of our journeys down the slopes.The kids said they would take their ipads for the journey but also for relaxing with after a long day skiing.
  2.  SUNCREAM AND LIP PROTECTION – I always get sore lips on holiday so this would be a must for me. Also protection for your skin whilst on the slopes is very important.
  3. KIDS HAND WARMERS – Great for keeping little hands warm. There is nothing worse than cold hands. These would be great to slip into gloves to keep little hands warm, …….And stop the kids from moaning. These got a thumbs up from from the kids.
  4. A WARM HAT – A girl needs a little fashion even on the slopes (need I say more) The kids opted for hats and scarfs too.
  5. LUXURY HOT CHOCOLATE – We all agreed on this one to warm us all up back at the chalet after a full day of skiing. You can’t beat a great hot chocolate. 
  6. SKI GOGGLES AND EQUIPMENT – This would be a must for newbie skiers like us we would need to get all the equipment and clothing needed for the trip.
  7. ENERGY BARS AND SNACKS – For keeping energy levels up when on the slopes. My kids are not happy unless they know when the next meal or snack is. The kids question was will it be all inclusive? I rest my case!!
  8. A TRAVEL JOURNAL – I love to sit and write down what we have done and what we plan to do on our our holidays, so a travel journal or note book is an essential item for making notes capturing moments and saving ideas for future holidays and of course a blog post once back home.
  9. COSY PAJAMAS – These are a definite must for cosying up after a long day on the slopes. Getting all snuggly with a nice glass of wine in front of the fire. The kids chose their fluffy pj’s and teddy’s to put on there list. There is nothing quite like a few home comforts.
  10. A GOOD BOOK – Even on a more activity based holiday its still nice to have a bit of chill time, grab your favourite book and sit back and relax. (This is when the ipads would come in handy for the kids)

This is my Mark Warner Ambassador entry for 2017.  Good luck to everyone who entered.

Thank you Mark Warner for this wonderful opportunity.

Until next time

Caroline X










  1. February 28, 2017 / 9:09 pm

    Fab list, a big yes to the hot chocolate! Good luck lovely! Fingers crossed 🙂

    • February 28, 2017 / 9:18 pm

      Thank you Emma x you too would be amazing if someone we knew won

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